Getting into the game of life

We to often sit on the sidelines watching the game going on by. I say do not be a spectator in life; we all know standing on the sidelines screaming and shouting cannot effect the outcome of the game, unlike when you are supporting a team you can get the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, with the game of life you are the team and if you are just spectating there is no one putting in the work to get you your victors and making your life better.

Make sure you are a player in life fighting and going for it all day every day, earning your day-to-day victories and making your life better. As a player your work ethic will be everything… a poor work ethic will lead to little or no victories and will get you relegated time and time again.

The players of life with a great work ethic push themselves hard and are an inspiration to others and with their actions in the game of life people will tend to gather around these players making them greater.


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