The story of the old knight


In a kingdom far, far away there was an old knight who was loved by one and all in the land, but his most trusted friend was his old hound; where he went the hound would follow, and when the hound could not go with the knight, the hound would be the first one to meet the knight, wagging his tail and bounding with joy, and the knight would go down on one knee and the hound would give the knight his paw.

As the years past by the knight fell in love with a beautiful lady, and they where soon married and had a child. The child was a beautiful baby boy, and the old knight rejoiced and the hound watched over the baby as if was one of its own pups, so much so the knight did not need a sitter to look after his baby as the hound would stand guard over the baby.

One night the old knight returned from a banquet, and walked into his son’s room to find the room wrecked and blood on the floor and walls and a over turned crib. Out of the corner of the room where most of the blood was came the hound, covered in blood and bounding over to the old knight as he has done so time and time before. Horror came over the knight, followed by rage at the sight of his most trusted friend covered in blood, with one swift action the old knight grabbed his sword and with one blow killed the hound.

The old ran over to the corner of the room, looked down expecting to see the body of his baby boy only to find a dead fox, which was killed by the hound, he turned and ran over to his son over turned crib, to find his son sleeping unharmed and safe, the old knight dropped to his knees and began to weep, knowing that his rage, knowing that his anger and knowing that his rush to judgment cost the life of his most trusted friend.

After that day the never let his rage or anger control his actions, and always made sure to get all the facts before making a judgment.




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