Love and being persistence 

Doing something you love and being persistence at it!I watching one of my favourite YouTubers MKBHD last week the guy has over 3 and half million subscribers to his channel his content is second to none, he showed a clip of his 100 video when he only had 78 subscribers, I can’t pretend to know his mindset, but someone would not do something in their own time over a hundred times if there was no joy or love in the craft of what he is doing, and being able to persist with all the overwhelming negative comments which have no doubt come his way over the years.
But now for you good friends there’s is something that you brings you joy or you love to do! Stick with it stay persistent, because life will test you every single day with the perfect reason why you should quit why you should take the easier path and tempting you from the things you love doing and the things that bring you joy.
Always remember: fight today for a greater tomorrow! 5:10


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