Greatness lives within you

Death it comes to us all one day! One day we are here the next day we are gone (you might get away with it if you are some type of Highlander đŸ˜‰) but my point is there is an end date for us all, which could be a days, weeks, months or years, you know my words are to be true!
So if I told you that greatness lives within you and all you need to do to unlock it, is just be that little bit bolder, push that bit harder, having self belief and rising to the challenges that life will bring you, would you believe me? 
For the people who believe my statement to be true! I don’t what shape your person inner greatness will take, but when it does make sure to share it with the world!
Let’s make this life of ours great and remember to fight today for a greater tomorrow!


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