Courage my friends courage!

Courage to do something new courage and to be oneself and courage to stand in hell
1) When we call upon courage to do something new, we often feel like the whole world is watching and the weight of the world on our shoulders, playing out all the scenarios of failure time and time again, and the more public the new thing you try the great the fear! Remember when doing something new you don’t have to go it alone remember to asking for help is the smartest thing we can do! And also start playing out scenarios where you succeed work from a positive attitude and a positive place.
2) There are some of that wear so many mask that they don’t feel they know who they are or they are scared to show their true selves! I say this take off the masks and step into the light because things seldomly grow in the dark, you may lose some people a long the way ( but the truth of it they never were your people in the first place) but you will be better for it!
3) To stand in hell and move forward, this calls on the greatest moments of courage when life starts in with the screws taking you to places you most definitely do not want to go, the inner voices/ demons start their games whispering negative and harmful things to keep you isolated from the very people that can give you strength at our weakest moment! So fight your way off your knees and stand and move forward my friends.
So I say this to you my friends you do not stand alone, you do not walk alone you have family and friends, which will stand with you in the darkness and in the light.
Make this life great my friends and always fight today for a greater tomorrow!


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