The goals we set!

The goals we set ourselves say so much about us, so many of us have unfocused or just so general goals we find ourselves not moving forward as quickly as we should be or worst still stuck! 
The reason why I bring up, just the other a friend of mine asked me what are my fitness goals, I replied to her post strength and upping my fitness, at the time I thought it was a right answer, but in my hart of harts it didn’t sit right with me, because my answer was to general and the worst thing my answer was unfocused.
I like to thank my friend Kat for asking the question because it made me aware of my situation I am currently in, which is just going through the motions, not pushing myself hard enough to get on to that next level and see how far I can go, but mark my words that changes today!
Have a great weekend friends and fight today for a greater tomorrow!
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