Individual growth 

I believe we often forget that our individual growth comes from a place of discomfort and pain, we often do not push ourselves on to that next level for a number of reasons, for example a lack of belief in ones self and abilities as you may hear people say practice makes perfect and each time you practice that new skill you start to homing your abilities and the belief will come!
We set our limits and we set them too low life is easy when you shooting for a step and so unfulfilling so why do we set our limits so low? It comes from a place of laziness and a lack of dedication when you shoot for stars it takes hard work dedication more restless nights than you can count and a whole world of pain, but when you come out the other side of it, the person you become is so different how you carry yourself and your mannerisms give off more joy, happiness and confidence, but the most satisfying thing of all that feeling of being unfulfilled is gone!
As always fight today for a greater tomorrow.


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