Why not you!

I was on the Time website reading the 100 most influential people 2016 and I have to say the list was ever so inspiring some of the things these people have to say wow!
But most of these people have some common thread such as bravery to defying the odds and the critics, they say something and they do it following their words with actions, they work to a higher standard always aiming for excellence and achieving it.

Here is my point why not you the person reading this post, we all have many of the threads in ourselves to become someone greater than ourselves, if you are happy with who you are that is cool and I wish you continuing happiness, but if you feel you could be doing more, take a moment or two today and think what life would be like if you were that bit braver if you followed your words with action and you aimed for excellence in the things you love doing, you might not make the list, but your life will with so many great moments you won’t care about a list and you won’t compare yourself to others.

So enjoy this hump day 😀 and remember fight today for a greater tomorrow!


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