Welching and quitting 

Welching on a promise or on something we will do for someone the amount of times you have welch on someone or have done it to you, to be honest there are times when it can’t be helped and you must break a promise an and not follow through with a plan of action, but when you have a choice and you choose to welch to the person or people you have let down your word has less value and they are not likely to be there for you next time a call to action is needed.
So what happens when you welch on yourself and you know very well the promise you make to yourself more times than not you will break your promise and you will not follow through, simple put it opens the door to quitting and being a quitter is one of the worst things to to be, a quitter never gives anything 100% a part from their excuses and God forbid something in your life makes it a tiny bit difficult in their life they will drop you like a hot potato and go, a quitter will never truly have your back and you have the remember that.

So good friends if say it then do it and make sure you follow through with your promises to yourself.

And remember fight today for a greater tomorrow!


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