Having faith

Having faith good friends and when I say having faith this is about religion and it is not about putting faith in others, but this about having fait in yourself as we move forward in this journey of life we have all stumbled and fall at times we all have had moments were we want to hide are self away from the world until that embarrassing moment has past, moments when we need to make a decision but are fears creeps in fixing us into place until that moment is lost.

But I say this to you good have faith in yourself that if you stumble that you get back your footing and if you fall that you will get back up, if have an embarrassing moment know that it will pass and you will be that much more stronger from it, have faith in yourself and make that decision go with it, I won’t lie to you not all the time it will be a winning decision, if it leads you to failure learn from it and move forward so next time armed with this new knowledge you can make a better decision.
So go on my friends take on this day with faith in yourself and be bold in your actions!
Fight today for a greater tomorrow!


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