Our greatest moments of character never come from our wins, but from our losses.

Do we have the strength to stand when life tells you to sit, when life sends you so much pain that you want to curl up into a ball and cry, you push past the pain and you find a way forward.
When life takes defeat from the jaws of victory you don’t stew in the loss instead you to next challenge and never take a victory as a sure thing until the challenge is won.
but I find the greatest moments of character come from the ability to ask for help and support when the darkest moments of our life are upon us sometimes it is plain to see, but to many times it is not, you will often find people are like swans on the surface they look calm and graceful, but underneath they are kicking like mad to stay in one place. 
Some of the strongest people you will meet in life have the greatest support in family and friends, they never stand as an individual, but as a member of a team.
And remember my friends to fight today for a greater tomorrow!


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