Life long habits 

The late and great Vincent Lombardi he has many great quotes but these two are the ones, which I think of the most: 

“Winning is a habit” “Loosing is a habitat”

The reason why I bring this up for the majority of the time where we are in life comes down to the habits we form over the years.
We often fall into loosing/ bad habits and once we are in it takes a lot time, energy and willpower to brake them.
Winning/good habits are harder to stick to, because winning habits requires you to show up day in and day out, it requires you the push yourself harder than you ever have before to move from a place of comfort to a place of discomfort and it takes time, energy, dedication, willpower and heard work to make it stick! 
So going forward from this day, work on breaking your loosing/bad habits and focus on your winning habits that will move you forward onto a happier life, that will move you onto being a better person and that will move you on to doing great things!
As always my friends fight today for a greater tomorrow!


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