I am the greatest

I am the greatest, one of the most memorable quotes by the late great Muhammad Ali, he that so many times with such conviction that he made the world believe, his opponents could hear his voice in the back of their heads, sometimes he did pickup a loss but it did not stop him from saying I am the greatest.

There are two reasons why doing things like this are most important:

One: belief for yourself you will have to be your biggest cheerleader in life especially when you are starting out or taking on a challenge.

Two: when you say the words conviction and when you act with conviction this is what instills confidence with people and how they ultimately see you.

At the end day your mindset and belief in yourself can help gain allies or make an enemies, it can win a day or loss a day or it can keep you stuck in a place with no forward momentum or take you on to new heights and possibilities.

So I ask you my friends what mindset and beliefs are you going to bring to the day about you?

Have a great day my friends and remember to fight today for a greater tomorrow!


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